Regional & Sustainable

Regional & Sustainable
Eine 200 Jährige Bausubstanz „Öko-Fit“ zu machen ist eine Lebensaufgabe. Einen traditionell
geführten Familienbetrieb über Generationen zu erhalten ist eine tägliche Herausforderung. Wo immer es funktioniert, leben wir den regionalen Gedanken und versuchen im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit zu handeln, nicht zuletzt für unsere Kinder.

Landzunge restaurant

LandZunge” is a well-established network of farmers, producers, suppliers and professionals who are committed to the authentic enjoyment of the Allgäu and Upper Swabia region. Only the best regional ingredients are served in the restaurants. The Hotel-Landgasthof Kreuz has been a member since the beginning. To cook regional and seasonal produce has become a matter of course for us.

Clean electricity

We obtain our electricity nuclear free, climate-friendly, from renewable energy sources and from combined heat and power. The CO2 emission output per kilowatt-hour is at least 90% lower than the national average in Germany. Our electricity comes from Elektrizitätswerke Schönau.

Herb garden

We have revived our grandmother’s herb garden. Some of the herbal ingredients that had been forgotten have now found their way back into the kitchen and onto the plate. The fallow herb garden was rebuilt 12 years ago based on historical models and has created the tradition of tasty dishes that are flavored with herbs and flowers.

Flower meadow

Every year a flower meadow blooms in front of our doorstep. Oil radish, winter vetch, sunflowers, marigold, borage, fennel, wild hollyhocks, cornflowers and blue thistle form a colourful carpet, which is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a refuge for certain species of butterflies and bees.


Our own lake is small but beautiful. Located a short distance away to the south of the guest house is a small paradise for amphibians and grass carp. On the south shore a rock slope has been created, in which the rare salamander finds refuge. Every now and then a water bird makes a stopover at the water source. The path to the lake is lined with old varieties of apple, pear and plum trees.

E-Charging Station

The hotel-Langasthof KREUZ is an officially registered E-charging station

Combined heat and power unit (CHP)

We produce our heating ourselves